Center for Inspired Change

"Profound and transformational. Puts me on the road of feeling and healing. Both informational and experiential. I always profit from Dr. Tatiana's workshops. She is worth hearing." - Randy K. Laney

"Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of “Body” work in our times: the leading edge of Body-Mind-Spirit Integration. This work will transform the planet" ​- Candace Pert, Ph.D.

"Over the course of four weeks working with Dr.Tatiana, and receiving two treatments per week, I experienced a profound shift in body awareness as my breath and spine would communicate to me where the attention and love needed to go.  Dr. Tatiana with her compassionate touch and enthusiasm for Network Care was able to guide me through the discomfort to a place where my body could open up again to new possibilities of healing, self love, and health; and for that I thank her.  I recommend Network Spinal Analysis to everyone to experience.”

-  Tyler Deal, Actor

“Tatiana is a very gifted healer. She has helped me tremendously. She is very skilled at Network Spinal Analysis and SRI and has a very loving heart as well.  She has helped me develop a sense of personal empowerment and has helped me expand my understanding of wellness and the amazing capacity of our bodies for change. Her coaching sessions have helped me focus and make gentle but profound changes in my life.  I have recommended Tatiana to all my friends because they deserve the best!”

Anne Cederberg, Artist and Naturalist

“Following a car accident, I pursued Network Chiropractic treatment due to problems with my neck and upper back. I wanted a gentle, yet effective, approach, and I knew that Network Chiropractic Care could provide this. I was quite pleased to find Dr. Tatiana. She is professional, caring, and knowledgeable. Within a couple months of treatments, not only had my neck and back pain subsided, I also felt more solid, centered, and flexible.” -  Karen D​

“In a couple of months of Network Care with Dr. Tatiana, I have noticed that my posture in my neck and shoulders has improved. I have more patience with people and especially my children. I am more in tune with my body and genuinely a calmer person.
My children (my three daughters have been receiving Network Care as well) are more focused and caring toward each other and others. I have more conversations with them and they start a lot of the conversations. My oldest daughter(8 yrs old) especially is more focused in school and wants to do her work on her own, I don’t have to keep saying “Do your homework”. She is getting better friends and is more noticeable about her actions and how they affect different people and situations. 
Overall I am very excited about Network Care, because I see results very quickly. It is very powerful.” 

-  Amy Lavender

"The love, light, joy, and playfulness that pours from Dr. Tatiana is genuine and plentiful.  Her talents and skills in Network Chiropractic & what she adds to it is unmatched by others in the industry I have been to.
I consider Dr. Tatiana to be a partner in healing and growing.   It is with ease that I say, “Give yourself and Dr. Tatiana a chance to move you forward. What if…?” 

In gratitude – Michelle Matro

 "Dr. Tatiana, using the Network Care, helped to adjust my physical issues by transforming my communication skills between my mind and body in a most profound manner. Her clarity in coaching skills guiding this inner connection is gentle, understanding, totally comfortable and precisely direct. I hold a wish to the stars that many people will come to her for this delightful experience and take a step towards Transendance!"

Sioux Nikoley