EPI Healing TM

You are capable of healing that goes far beyond ordinary health care.

Ordinary strategies and treatment aim to restore you to the way you used to be. We help you reorganize. Your body’s formerly-blocked energy and wisdom will be liberated, bringing you extraordinary levels of healing for your body and life.
As you access more of the energy available to you for healing, you will experience:

  • greater function
  • naturally-occurring shifts in meanings about your body and life
  • different ways of being and interacting with the world
  • healthier choices
  • more extraordinary quality of life
  • an abundance of energy able to fuel your dreams and empower others

EpiHealing is where your healthy body, personal development, and spiritual impact converge.

Books by Dr. Donny Epstein:

Healing Myths, Healing Magic examines the deeply ingrained stories, or myths, we commonly hold about how our bodies heal…myths that may actually inhibit healing.
In this breakthrough book, Dr. Epstein divides the myths into four categories: Social, Biomedical, Religious, and New Age. He exposes each myth individually, then suggests an alternative statement, or Healing Magic, to help us reclaim our body’s natural ability to heal.

EPI Living TM

You will learn to master the energetics of life itself.

Pure awareness of your authentic nature and access to the organizing forces of creation lead to extraordinary ways of living. On this adventure, you will know your unique formulas and strategies for how you can live your most energized version.
By shifting your use of energy to be more congruent with who you really are, you can immediately change and influence:
your interactions and experiences:

  • the thoughts you think
  • the emotions you feel
  • the actions you take
  • your vitality and zest
  • your spiritual connection
  • what you can manifest in life...

...Effortlessly. Often without the need to change relationships, jobs, or even circumstances. We are all more than any circumstance.EpiLiving infuses the magic behind everything into your daily life, bringing possibilities that were beyond imagination. Until now.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle


The Twelve Stages of Healing offers us fascinating insights into the complex relationship between mind, emotions, and body, and shows us how we can use these insights to promote greater health in our bodies and harmony in our relationships.
After Observing thousands of people both in private practice and public seminars, Dr. Epstein discovered twelve basic rhythms, or stages of consciousness, shared by all humanity. Each stage of healing has a distinct “rite of passage” – a chaotic experience or healing crisis – that helps us to reunite with aspects of ourselves. Each stage also has a characteristic pattern of breath, movement, and touch that can help us to reconnect with the natural, internal rhythms of our body and experience a greater sense of joy and well-being.

The camera of Topaz Adizes, an internationally award winning Writer/Director, goes behind closed doors at "The Gate" to capture the mind-bending work of Donny Epstein's EpiEnergetic methodologies
for the first time. Here it is! More than 27 hours of filming packed into13 minutes of viewing!
Don't just watch it with your eyes, FEEL IT with Your HEART!

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